Sony DualShock 4: traditional console


Pros: Comfortable, ergonomic design
Instant compatibility with most PC games
Snappy buttons
Solid build quality

Cons: Older models lack Bluetooth support

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is one of the best controllers for PC gaming in 2023 and is currently at the top of our list. Compared with its predecessor, the Xbox 360 pad, it has a much higher quality and better ergonomics. Not only is it ideal for any type of gaming, it also has a four-way cross design that is more traditional-looking and enhances the accuracy. The shoulder buttons are placed conveniently so it’s comfortable to press them, and the triggers rumble in a comfortable way. The surface of the controller has a smooth center and rasped edges, providing a better grip and preventing accidental inputs. Aside from being one of the best-built and most comfortable controllers available, it also has the 360 pad’s plug-and-play support.


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