Check Engine Transmission ABS SRS Code Reader OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostic FX2000


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Engine System Diagnostics
It is an enhanced code reader to read and clear the engine system fault codes, turn off the check engine light and read the live data stream. Find out the cause of engine faults quickly and easily before sending the vehicle to a repair shop, save a trip and money.

Transmission System Diagnostics
A warning light goes on the car dashboard when errors occurred in the automatic transmission system, this scanner helps you to diagnose what’s wrong with the system, read and clear error codes, turn off the MIL. It also provides a real-time data stream that allows the user to easily find existing and potential problems.

ABS(Anti-lock Brake System) Diagnostics
This diagnostic tool allows you to diagnose the anti-lock brake system, quickly locate the fault, read fault codes, clear the codes and turn off the warning light after maintenance(if necessary). It also allows you to monitor and diagnose the operating conditions of the ABS to ensure that repairs are effective and complete.

SRS(Ai/rbag) System Diagnostics
Reads and clears fault codes in the SRS (Airbag), and turns off the SRS warning light, ensuring the supplemental restraint system is operating safely and properly. With the live data stream graph available, you can quickly and effectively check if the system is working properly and find out the problem.


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